A responsible business needs a solid foundation.


To us that foundation is compliance. As a part of the MESSAGE A/S organisation, we work hard to strengthen this foundation. That means making sure our products are free from dangerous chemicals, knowing where and by who they are made and having our suppliers commit to our policies and code of conduct. 


The work never stops. We must continue to seek out new information, react to new situations, and assess and improve wherever we can.

We have mapped out all our direct suppliers. We have done so to know where our products are produced and to increase transparency throughout our supply chain. 

All suppliers have completed a social audit by a professional independent third-party auditor or filled out a self-assessment questionnaire.

We will continue to map out even further to increase transparency in the future. That way we can aim to influence even more players in the industry.

Code of Conduct and Policies
We can’t become a more responsible business alone; we need to have our suppliers on board. 

Luckily, we have a very close relationship with our suppliers. They have all signed our Code of Conduct (CoC) and additional policies. Our CoC and policies express our values and approach to managing a responsible business. 

Code of Conduct
We have based our CoC on the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Among other things it addresses issues in relation to social compliance, the environment, animal rights, corruption and whistleblowing.


Click to read the Code of Conduct here.

Global Funk Responsibility Compliance


Child Labour
We do not allow or tolerate child labour in our supply chain. By signing our child labour policy our suppliers commit to this ban and to responsible remediation if a child should be found at one of their production units. If that happens, it is important to us that the child is properly cared for so that its situation is improved and not worsened by the discovery.

Click to read our Child Labour Policy here.

We are committed to adhere to the UN Convention Against Corruption. Our employees and partners must avoid any situations of corruption.

Click to read our Anti-Corruption Policy here.


Animal Welfare
Global Funk does not allow animals to be harmed in the name of fashion.

Animals used for our products must treated with dignity and respect according to animal welfare laws and international recommendations and may not be exposed to pain.

Click to read our Animal Welfare Policy here.


Ethical Sourcing Requirements
We do business with a high sense of moral and ethics. No people or animals should be harmed in the production of our products. Not in the cotton field, the production plant or at our warehouse.

Therefore, all suppliers must sign our Ethical Sourcing Requirements.

They are updated regularly when we become aware of any possible issues in our supply chain.

Click to read our Ethical Sourcing Requirements here.


Chemical Policy
Our products should be safe for those who make and those who wear them.

We act according to REACH. REACH is the EU regulation which addresses the production and use of chemical substances. It determines the approved levels of chemicals and lists the substances which have been banned because of their negative impacts on human health or the environment.

By signing our Chemical Policy, our suppliers commit to following REACH and to take responsibility for any remediation, if a test shows level above the prohibited levels.

Click to read our Chemical Policy here.

Testing programme
We test our main suppliers regularly throughout the year to inspect levels of chemicals and other dangerous substances. Our remaining suppliers are tested once a year.