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Outerwear for every season
Global Funk makes a wide selection of outerwear for women that keeps you stocked up on fashionable outerwear all year round. Here you will find lightweight jackets in quilted qualities that will take you safely through the seasons. The Even and Rheanna models are perfect for the warmer months, as well as the start of the colder autumn. The perfect lightweight jacket from Global Funk is both practical, functional and has a cool look that makes it a must-have in your wardrobe for many seasons.


As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, you can go with the warmer models, such as the Arrow coats as well as the popular snowsuits, Isolde, Isolde T and Jazmine. Here, outdoor functionality and fashion are combined in a perfect way. Winter jackets and snowsuits are often lined with soft teddy lining or fleece to keep you warm in all kinds of weather.
You will find a large selection of warmer jackets and coats, as well as cool lightweight jackets from Global Funk.


All you have to do is choose
Every season, Global Funk presents a selection of women’s jackets and coats in several colors, qualities and cool details, so there is something for every taste. Global funk has a large selection of short jackets with both narrow fits and in looser, oversized fits. The jackets have practical side pockets and many cool details depending on the model. At Global Funk you will find both the cool short bomber jackets, practical outdoor jackets and the classic quilted jackets. If you want a jacket that stops at the hips and complements your figure, you can find exactly what you dream of from Global Funk.


If you are more into longer models, Global Funk also has a large selection. You will find fashionable coats in soft qualities, as well as practical water-repellent models that can withstand wind and weather. If, on the other hand, you are looking for longer practical coats, there is also a large selection filled with functional details such as closed pockets, button- and zipper closures and large soft hoods. Global Funk supplies a large selection of jackets for everyday life, parties, shopping trips and holidays, so you can always find what you are looking for among the large selection of outerwear for women.


Something for everyone
Global Funk gives you the opportunity to find a jacket that suits your own unique style. With a large selection of jackets and coats for women filled with flattering details, you will never go wrong with a style from Global Funk. You will find jackets in different price ranges, so you will find both expensive jackets and less expensive jackets. If you want a midi length jacket, you can scroll through the coat selection. Are you more into a short jacket, whether it is a denim jacket, a bomber jacket or a lightweight jacket, you can see a large selection between the jackets.
Style your Global Funk jacket with your favorite shoes and a soft scarf, and get dressed in gorgeous silhouettes added a twist with cool details.