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A timeless classic
Jeans are an eternal classic in every woman's wardrobe. Jeans for women come in countless cuts, fits, and styles, so you can always find the perfect pair for your body and your needs. Global Funk always offers a large selection of their stylish basic jeans, and every season a large selection of cool, seasonal jeans is added that fits the fashion scene here and now.


You can always style your jeans up and down depending on the occasion. You can style your jeans for a perfect casual look with a pair of cool sneakers and an oversized t-shirt. If you want a more business look for work, you can use a classic style and a timeless blazer together with a pair of skinny jeans. Jeans are also a sure go-to style if you are going out. Styled with a feminine top and pretty accessories, you can quickly become the center of attention when styled with trendy boyfriend jeans with a relaxed fit.


Find your style
Global Funk has a wide range of jeans for women. You can always find a nice pair of skinny jeans with stretch that gives you good comfort. Skinny jeans are available in both the classic slim version and in the tight-fitting jegging version, which with its high stretch quality adapts to your figure. Skinny jeans provide a tight-fitting look that can be easily paired with both oversized and other tight-fitting tops. Global Funk supplies both classic black skinny jeans and slim jeans in seasonal denim washes.


If, on the other hand, you are looking for more casual fits, Global Funk also offers a large selection of these styles. Especially the popular mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are available season after season in different versions, colors, and washes. Likewise, you can also complement your wardrobe with jeans with a straight leg, boot cut or flared leg. The different styles and fits you get through this can quickly give your wardrobe a whole new look. Global Funk delivers season after season a large selection of jeans with straight legs, narrow legs, wide legs, and skinny legs. No matter which fit you are looking for, you will find a large selection here.


Get the look
To find the perfect pair for the female body, there are high demands on the fit and the cut. Especially the high-waisted jeans are popular each season. High-waisted jeans are a timeless style that has found its way into many women's wardrobes. The high-waisted jeans are often combined with a soft denim quality, which fits perfectly with the female body. Low waist jeans have made a comeback in recent years and gives a cool look that brings back the 90s and gives you a strong statement look. If you are looking for something in between, you can go with the flattering mid waist jeans that combines the best of the high-waisted jeans and the low-waisted jeans.


Likewise, you can also always find a large selection of jeans with cool details. Every season you will find jeans in a retro vintage look, faded jeans or jeans with ripped details. Global Funk creates jeans for women with a focus on creating both comfort and showcasing a unique style.